development testimonials

[E]xcited to work with you and your company. Love the way you guys set up client intake and the way you seek to take care of your clients by reducing risk. A small run sounds like just the set of training wheels we could use. [accessory]

I wanted to tell you how much good your professional advice was, back in December. [...] It's been wonderful! With the resultant new price points, we've also been featured in a whole host of press items, which has been lovely, and has really driven our sales up. [Theresa Kopecky, Tess & Co.]

Thank you again for the clarification on the questions I had regarding your services. I really appreciate how upfront you were with what can and may not be possible in terms of the services you all provide.  It is very clear that you all have quiet an extensive amount of work you’ve done with the apparel and accessory business. I’m finalizing my calls with various companies in the upcoming weeks to determine what might be the best fit for me given the current stage of my company, and the information you provided is very helpful. [Sonia Goravanchi, inquiry]

Stitch Texas is amazing. I literally could not have taken step one towards my vision without Vesta and Angie. I came with an idea, and they answered with in-depth industry knowledge, excellent advice, and exacting craftsmanship. They continue to support me as I move towards manufacture, answering every question patiently, expertly, and quickly. Meeting with them is the best part of any day. I can't wait to accomplish my first goals with them, so I can work with them on my next. So excited. So supported. So entirely pleased to have Stitch Texas on my team. [womenswear]

We are so happy to be working with Vesta and her team at Stitch. When starting my brand in Austin, TX a few years ago, I didn't dream there would be such a great service so close to our office. We have been outsourcing sampling and production out of state until we found out about Stitch, and now we are so happy to be increasing our work load with their team. Great, fast service. We couldn't be happier. [womenswear]

I just started my children's clothing company in 2014. To say that I was a beginner, would be an understatement. I knew nothing! Thankfully, I stumbled across Stitch Texas. They've been patient with me as I was learning and have proven to be an invaluable wealth of knowledge about the industry. I work with them on everything from pattern development to coordinating production. I don't live nearby, so we do much of our work via email, text, and FaceTime. I know this makes it more difficult for them sometimes, but they never complain and are always super accommodating. Kristen and Vesta are passionate about their work, and their professionalism makes them a top-notch group to work with. I would highly recommend them! [childrenswear]

Everything about these ladies is awesome. They did not hesitate or qualify me by my production needs, just dived in to help me get where I want to be. I look forward to working with them for years to come. Thanks Kristen and Vesta! [menswear]

Stitch Texas has been by my side from the very beginning of my project. I am not from the industry and don’t speak the language. My development team was able to interpret my dreams right into a real product. It happened very fast and quite efficiently. Angie (my development therapist) was so patient, thorough and responsive. The transition from development to production was seamless (haha!). The customer service at Stitch is mind-blowing. There is always someone available to respond whether it is by phone or email. A couple of perfect examples of their besteverness…
I was at a conference and I posted (bragged) on Instagram that I was sold out of product. Kristopher (one of the owners of Stitch) saw this on my social media feed and hurried up my next production run.
I took one of my Sleep Crown pillows by Stitch so that they could see and feel a ‘stuffed’ finished product. Daniela (my production supervisor) took one look at it and said this was one of the ones I made. She puts so much heart into her work, she was able to identify it by sight.
The quality of the work is stellar. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to choose Stitch, Texas. They are total pros and I trust them.
Thank you Team Stitch! [Julie Westervelt, Sleep Crown]

production testimonials

Received the products and wanted to say thank you to you and your team for such a fine job. I feel great about selling 97/98 of the received units which strikes me as a great yield. 
Turn around time was good, especially when I compare it to overseas production. 
Regarding Angie: she gained the trust of my mother-in-law which is no easy task. She has a subtle way of selling that is compelling. Also, please say thank you to all your production people for me. I may have never met them but their work is very much appreciated.
Regardless of the final outcome I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn. Thank you for the lessons. 
I hope one day to build a team as good as yours.  [Joshua Newman, Florence Nightingale Designs]

I was truly blown away that you noticed that I was sold out from an Instagram post and sped up my next order. Now that is exceptional customer service! Thank you for so much for the support. [Julie Westervelt, Sleep Crown]

We cannot recommend Stitch Texas highly enough! When we compared estimates from other companies, we were impressed with Kristopher’s pricing and we were excited to employ the team of experts at Stitch Texas to assist us in the production of our Cumpanion aftercare towels.
Having sewn these towels myself, I knew some of the challenges Stitch Texas might encounter on this project. However, I didn’t expect all the complications and road bumps we would encounter with this production run. The team at Stitch Texas were patient with the delays, gave sound advice on alternative material and worked with us to find solutions. Stitch Texas knows their craft and takes genuine pride in the quality of the products they turn over. AnnaRae will certainly be using their talented team for future product orders. [Anna B., byAnnaRae]

Stitch Texas is such a professional group, who have been extremely helpful in the refinement of my project.   Their quality of work is so impressive to my customers, and I’m proud to have one of my best selling products stitched by their team!  I look at Stitch Texas as a true partner to my business. [Lauren White, WhiteLoft]

Good morning Lisa & Kristopher~
I’ve been meaning to email ever since I received my first leotard production - the leotards ARE AMAZING! I am so excited about them and so proud to sell them! I really cannot thank you - and your whole team - enough.  I am so grateful you were willing to get me into production. 
Can I go ahead and submit my next PO? THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! [Rachel Moody, Twist Tumble Ware]

designer intensive testimonials

The following testimonials are specifically about our Designer Intensives. We bring you into the shop and assign you a patternmaker and sample maker for the entire day (or two, or three). It's the fastest, most efficient way to knock out the hard work of honing a design. There's nothing quite like being in the trenches with us in the factory.

We came to Stitch Texas with an idea of redesigning women’s protective apparel from the ground up. All we had was a few sketches and a *REALLY* rough pattern. Over the course of a week, we worked closely with Angie and Rebekah to iterate through multiple changes in our pattern, altering style lines and making numerous samples to get the fit just right. We really felt like the Stitch Texas team had our back all through the development process, and I consider myself very fortunate to have had the chance to work with them. In a very short time, they helped me turn our loose vision into a reality, and I’m forever thankful. [Laura Smith, Worse for Wear]

I have traveled to consult for clients during an Intensive at Stitch Texas twice now.  It is an invaluable experience to spend intensive time with their teams on product design & the creation of a functional pattern to move forward with.  The team is professional, experienced & extremely efficient.  Their skill set & investment in key technology allows for significant savings in time, resources & costs over the trial & error model of product design.  The financial benefit to spending focused time is clear; Intensives are something I encourage my clients to invest in. [Arie Brentnall, Owner & Consultant, Canadian Babywearing School]

I had worked remotely with Stitch Texas in the past for digitizing and grading services, but when were expanding our selection of cuts for our jeans line, I knew I needed to sign up for an intensive.  Being in-house with Angie and Rebekah allowed me to communicate complex details regarding fit and style smoothly and simply.  They took my verbal and drawn descriptions and quickly translated them to patterns, produced fit samples, and then made adjustments as necessary to dial in the fit. Beyond walking away with perfect patterns for two new cuts fully graded into multiple sizes, I also learned so much about the process of patterning.  Angie was beyond gracious in helping me understand what she was adjusting and why.  I now feel confident in speaking about the specific fit details of each cut with our buyers, and confident that I will have the necessary support as we continue to grow our line.  [Brenna Lane, Detroit Denim]

I came to Stitch Texas over three years ago with an idea and zero experience in the fashion industry. We spent an entire day working through the design. Vesta, Rebekah and Angie actually created it right before my eyes. I was able to test it, give feedback, and get a better understanding of the entire process all in one day. It was a great experience that I have referenced over and over again throughout my journey in the world of design and manufacturing. 
I highly recommend Stitch Texas because they are good people who work hard. Not to mention, they are really talented! I've worked with several teams in the industry now and there is no doubt that Stitch Texas operates well above the norm!  [Christine Reppa, Noya Yoga]

The Design & Production team at Stitch Texas (Angie and Rebekah) took my idea for a twin baby carrier from a crude prototype to a stylish, beautifully crafted reality (now in 3rd prototype phase). After years (literally, years) of searching fruitlessly for professionals willing and able to take on my project, I had the great good fortune to find Stitch Texas. One of the biggest barriers to going forward with my idea was my complete inability to visualize and execute any part of it. During our two-day intensive, Angie and Rebekah listened to what I had to say, and came up with innovative solutions to make the twin carrier work. The basic format of the sessions was that Angie, Rebekah, Arie Brentnall (babywearing consultant extraordinaire), and I discussed and brainstormed, at which point Angie and Rebekah took everything we discussed and then created a new sample. To me, it was just like magic! 
 I am currently testing out the latest prototype, and have a whole list of needed changes that will present new challenges to create the next version. I will definitely be working with Stitch Texas until we have the final product.
Without Stitch Texas, I wouldn't have a product, and I can't recommend them highly enough. [Shira Silverman]

[testimonials collected directly, through Facebook reviews, and through Maker's Row]