Frequently Asked Questions

In Development:

Q: "I've never done this before, and I don't know what I'm doing. Is that OK?"
A: At Stitch Texas, we specialize in helping people with little to no knowledge of the industry.

Q:"I don't know the right words to explain my project or the materials. Can you help me?"
A: Absolutely. We will teach you the right words to achieve the results you want.

Q: "What are the list services that are involved in getting my project production-ready?"
A: This list is a little different for every client. For example, one project may require a lengthy list of specification documents before it can be accepted into production, and another may need only a final production pattern and prototype. At Stitch Texas, we believe in providing our clients with exactly what their specific product requires, rather than a cookie cutter list of requirements. This saves you money.

Q: "Do I need a completed tech pack before I can begin my project with Stitch Texas?"
A: No. We can gather from you all the information we'll need to begin your project and create the tech pack for you. However, if you do have a completed tech pack, we will absolutely incorporate it into our work for you.

Q: "Will Stitch Texas help me design my project?"
A: Our job is to provide the technical expertise to bring your ideas to life. We cannot make any artistic design decisions for you, but we will work out how to build your vision and give you direction on the most efficient way to do that.

Q: "Do the patterns you draft for my project belong to me or Stitch Texas?"
A: YOU. All patterns, samples, and documents created by Stitch Texas for your project are your intellectual property and belong to you, once all fees for the work have been paid.

Q: "Can I see examples of work you've done for other clients?"
A: We keep our clients confidential and do not share any work we do for them with anyone else without explicit permission from our clients. The best way to see work we've done for clients who've given us permission to share is to view our instagram and facebook feed @stitchtexas.

Q:“Will you sign my NDA?”
A: We rarely sign NDAs as they are not usually necessary or customary in this industry.  Utilitarian/functional items that are completely original and new to the market may qualify for NDA’s but with apparel items we usually do not. In such cases, we have a proprietary NDA that we will use.

Q:”Can you print on fabric/embroider fabric/create my logo and labels?”
A:We do not have these capabilities in house, but we have resources we can recommend for these services. We can apply heat press logos/labels (you provide), attach your sew in labels, set snaps/grommets/rivets/post buttons, and cut elastic and synthetics with a hot knife (cauterized edge).

In Production:

Q: "Do you accept production only requests if I am already fully developed or just moving my production?"
A: "We do, but our production facility is first and foremost to serve our development clients. If we have openings in our schedule to accept outside production orders, we will, but it depends how many clients we are currently working with. It may not mean that we can’t help you, but you may be waiting a little longer to begin.

Q: "Do you all actually do the work there or do you send it to other companies?"
A: We do all kinds of work right here in Austin in our very own facility, including pattern work, grading, cutting, and sewing.  We develop and manufacture a wide range of products.  Not every product we develop is the right fit for production in our shop, but we'll still help you find the right place to produce.

Q: "How much does it cost to produce "X' units of my product?"
A: With a sample in hand, we can offer an estimate.  To offer a firm piece rate price, we need to counter-sample your product.  We can't offer quotes on something we have never handled or seen.

Q: "But I don't have a product yet."
A: No problem.  We can help you develop your product.  We specialize in taking our clients from a vision to a producible final prototype.

Q: "Well, I'd like to know what production costs will be before committing to developing my product."
A: We understand where you're coming from, but every product is different.  For example, a very basic T-shirt with very easy-to-handle fabric and simple finishes could cost $5-$6 per unit if you're placing a large order, but the same shirt with a really difficult fabric and complex finishes at 100 units could cost $16 per unit.  It's impossible to quote costs until we know the product specs and details.

Q: "How much fabric do I need for production?"
A: This is entirely dependent on your garment, fabric width and type, and order size.  We need to develop the product and plan production size/materials first.

Q: "What are your production minimums and lead times?"
A: We do not have production minimums, just different prices for different quantities. We begin our piece-rate quotes at 100 units, which allows 2 colorways and all sizes. If you order fewer than 100, the piece rate increases significantly. If you order fewer than 20-30, the cutting and sewing are charged hourly at $35/hour. Lead times vary depending on many factors, including your project size and complexity, and our current schedule.  It's best to reach out to us to find out what our current lead time is, but you should always be looking at ordering a few months before you need your product, never at the last minute.

Q: "Will you provide the materials for me?"
A: We can absolutely source material options for you, but the decision of which materials to use is up to you.  We will offer our expertise to help you make this choice, but since these materials are such an integral part of the design, the designer must have input and ultimately make the decision.