We offer a small range of supplies to the trade. All materials are professional-grade and of the highest quality, meaning: you can't get this stuff at Joann. We keep these things on hand, and don't mind offering them for sale to our local colleagues, since they are hard (or impossible) to buy locally. No shipping. Prices are for singles; discounts may be available for quantity.

150# oak tag pattern paper, 60" W - $2.55/yd
dot paper (we also have plain paper of the same general width and weight) - $.75/yd
pattern direction cards - $1 ea
pattern hooks - $1 ea
top weight muslin, 60" W - $4.50/yd
bottom weight muslin, 39" W - $11.00/yd
featherweight nonwoven fusible interfacing, white and gray, 60" W - $3.00/yd
featherweight tricot fusible interfacing, black, 60" W - $4.50/yd
sew-in size labels, 10 pc min (we stock a few and can get whatever you need quickly) - $.10 ea
sew-in care and content labels, 50 pc min - $.10 ea