Introducing: the apparel development and production series!

We are excited to announce our apparel and sewn product development and production series! This series will cover a wide range of topics from materials sourcing and preparing for development, to the pattern-making and grading process, to samples, all the way through final production.


During this series, we’ll cover the following 7 areas of development, culminating in item 8: Production!

  1. Design

  2. Sourcing

  3. Pattern & Digitizing

  4. Sample cut & sew

  5. Grading

  6. Tech Pack

  7. Marking

  8. Production cut & sew

We offer all of the above services here at Stitch Texas, except of course the designs, that’s where you have complete control. Today, I’ll take a moment to talk about getting your designs ready to begin your development.

We get calls every day from beginning designers wondering what they need to have to begin working with us. The answer is simple: an idea. You don’t need to have a degree in fashion design, or even drawing skills to be a designer. Some of the most successful designers in the world aren’t great artists, but they know how to communicate their vision.

Some clients come to us with collections of sketches, or reference images to help communicate their ideas. Others bring in reference samples (this is a garment they did not design or make but is close to the idea they have). Having both is even better!

With these things, we can help you figure out how this ideas can actually be executed into your own original designs and made into samples to prepare for production. You might even bring in multiple items that you like aspects of that you would like to “Frankenstein” into one new design. We can use the collar on one item, the bodice on another, and the sleeves on yet another, and pull these features together into a unique new style. Don’t worry, we don’t need to take your garments apart to get what we need.


One of the most helpful items you can bring to us is a fit sample. This is a garment of a similar style that fits your body the way you want your new design to fit. Designing woven dresses? Bring in a woven dress you own that fits you just perfectly and we can use it to create the fit of your new designs! Fit is the most difficult part of creating new clothing. It’s easy to create a garment that looks like your sketch, but it takes time to make it fit your fit model just right, so fit samples really help us achieve that perfect fit more quickly.

Here’s what you don’t need to begin working with us:

  • Expensive Tech Packs (These come later, trust me!)

  • Patterns

  • Fabrics

  • Fashion illustrations (a simple sketch or picture is plenty, and more helpful anyway)

  • Samples of your design

These are all things we will help you create, it’s why we’re here and what we specialize in!

Of course, things will be a little different depending upon how you choose to develop. You may want to work with a company like ours, manage the process yourself with independent designers, pattern makers, sample makers, technical designers, and so on, or maybe you’re able to do some of these things yourself. We can only speak for ourselves, but we find this process to be pretty standard when working with a development company like ours.

Once you have your ideas, sketches, and reference/fit samples picked out, you’re ready to begin! From this point on, depending upon the number and complexity of styles, your development process can easily take 3-6 months, and sometimes longer. You should be planning to receive your production at least 8 months after you begin developing new products.

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts on each step in the process, and feel free to reach out to us if you have questions are would like to begin developing your own line of clothing!